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Daughter of beloved Russian stage actor and businessman Leonid Maizel, and daughter of Russia’s famous newscaster Helena Maizel; the renown chief of “Radio Russia,” Lilia Mai–though a confessed ‘simple girl,’ was groomed for gold.  Born in the rich, elegant city of St. Petersburg, The Empirical Capital of Russia; hers is a land deeply rich in history and the arts. From the classical canonical literature; to the classical musical giants, to the Master Work creators of art, and more, Her land was the home of the Hermitage Museum; the largest art and cultural museum in the world–begun by Russian Empress Catherine the Great. This enchanted land of St. Petersburg would greatly influence this rising young star at an early age.
A world traveler her whole life, who has walked in the lands of over 40 countries–traveling with her award winning journalist mother on her assignments; Lilia has trained with the best and brightest minds and talent of her time from around the world.  A singer of impeccable quality, with a sensual, sweet, lovely voice; the world class talent of Lilia Mai was born under the stars of a guiding light in St. Petersburg, that eventually made her reach for the heavens beyond.
Beginning singing at the mere age of four years old, the stunningly gifted chanteuse is breathtakingly as talented–as she is lovely to behold. Adoring classical Russian composers Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff, as well as a large love of jazz, blues and American Pop music, Lilia Mai has a level of cultured sophistication well beyond her young 25 years of age.
Hailing as the soloist in the choir at the legendary Raduga Children’s Choir Music School in Russia, Lilia also excelled as a soloist singer during her childhood, where she was always happy to sing. Dreaming of becoming a professional singer since she was a young girl, she has since reached these ambitions as a professionally paid singer, and even now an instructor for children, which she finds very rewarding.
After training from age 4 to 12 in voice at Raduga, for the Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting; she also trained in piano at the mere age of 4, and percussion and the harp at 7.  At just 15, Lilia moved to Berlin, Germany for a year, taking part in an exchange program from Russia, where she furthered her dance training. Wanting to study dance further, Lilia then left to Argentina, to train in Tango and Reggaeton in Columbia. She later traveled to Spain, where she spent months studying Flamenco. It was here that she also learned fluent Spanish, wanting to be able to read Latin American poetry (Poesia), in its native origin. She then began writing some songs in Spanish, stating, “this beautiful language became really close to me. It was so inspirational!”
Still a professional dancer who even does belly dancing; Lilia is also trained in Russia in ballet, stating, “Russian ballet is the strongest ballet, and the best ballet in the world; with the Bolshoi, and Mariinsky Theatre (formerly the Imperial Russian Ballet), among more.” A woman of great education and cultural refinement, she says of her work, “I want everything to be perfect. There is no better place in the world to watch ballet than in the Bolshoi Theatre!” Citing a love of music by all from; Nina Simone, Norah Jones, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin,  Ella Fitzgerald, Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, Shakira, and other big, bold voices in American music; the dignified, yet sexy young singer admits that she is still very flexible and strong.
Also fluent in English, Lilia Mai trained in world languages in school, as well as listening to her favorite; American music–her whole life growing up.  With her mother impressively refusing to even own a T.V. in the house when she was a little girl, Liliagrew up instead with a world class, scholarly education; studying all areas of the arts; and reading the greats of literature; visiting many theatres, concerts, and museums. In addition to American music, she also loves American movies, and even some T.V.  Graduating from Moscow State University, the massively talented citizen of the world also started her own fashion line; a sexy underwear collection for girls made with the finest imported French silk–naturally, only the best for this lady of class.
Strong in her love for her motherland, she says, “What we have here are such authentic people, who are really kind, and special. I love the heart and soul of Russia,” she says, adding, “If someone reads Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Kuprin, Bunin, or Pushkin, they will understand.” She continues, “We have in Russia so many of the great composers; Tchaikovsky, Korsakov, Rimsky-Korsakov, Prokofiev.  the famous Russian Theatre Ballet, and famous painters including Marc Chagall, Vasnezov, Polenov, Levitan, Rokotov, Brullov, Repin, Serov, and Shishkin. We also have such beautiful palaces, and great nature; rivers, parks, gardens, and beautiful forests, lakes, beaches, and the lovely sea.” Lilia adds, “My soul has such a great feeling of peace and connection when I see the beauty of endless fields, and all of nature. I am a true nature lover!”
When asked about what she loves about America, the Renaissance Woman confesses,  “Everyone I know here in Russia likes the U.S, no matter what’s happening in politics!” She adds, “And of course, the States are the entertainment capital of the world.” She continues, “The U.S. is the greatest country of opportunities and liberty in the world. My home will be forever in Russia, but the country where my dreams have always been, and are coming true, is the United States; for which I am endlessly grateful!”  Most importantly, she adds, “I want to have good relations between our two great countries–to truly make us friends. And I hope, in some way, I can be a part of helping to make that happen! I have a big heart and soul and I want to share this love with world.”

“I have met amateurs, celebrities, stars, and superstars. Lilia Mai is a superstar in the making, and her talent and soul will impact the world.”

Bruce Edwin, Starpower Management