Starpower Management Signs World’s Next Music Superstar–Lilia Mai

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 9, 2017 / — Daughter of beloved Russian stage actor and businessman Leonid Maizel, and daughter of Russia’s famous newscaster Helena Maizel; the renown chief of “Radio Russia,” Lilia Mai–though a confessed ‘simple girl,’ was groomed for gold. Born in the rich, elegant city of St. Petersburg, The Empirical Capital of Russia; hers is a land deeply rich in history and the arts. From the classical canonical literature; to the classical musical giants, to the Master Work creators of art, and more, Her land was the home of the Hermitage Museum; the largest art and cultural museum in the world–begun by Russian Empress Catherine the Great. This enchanted land of St. Petersburg would greatly influence this rising young star at an early age.


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